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28 Day
Flourshing, Fit & Fabulous 
Group Program

Let's face the truth: restrictive diets don’t work  long term! Rapid weight loss often leads to rapid weight GAIN and nothing drastic ever works for very long.

eal change doesn’t happen over night,   don’t underestimate the power of small, consistent changes over time. 


LOOK and FEEL FABULOUS in those long awaiting  bikinis or shorts. 
If you are serious about losing weight ....... then I AM THE GIRL!

   ... and this Program is great value for you!


 Get qualified Guidance, Support & Motivation from a Certified Health Coach at a fraction of the price of one to one coaching.

 over $400 value for only $96 


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Change is what happens when we decide we no longer want to settle for how we feel or look and we are truly ready to make a lifestyle shift. 
If you want to get back in shape, fuel your body without feeling deprived, feel more energised then let me help you get back on track the RIGHT way. 

Let’s face it: change isn’t always easy, is it? We have good intentions of eating healthy & exercising, but other things seem to get in the way.  Habits can be difficult to change on our own. If you have failed weight loss attempts in the past, it’s likely because the changes & restrictions weren’t something you could live with long term. It’s not your fault!
This is where I can make a difference, to give you support and guidance along the way, help you implement simple strategies to jumpstart your weight loss goals &
 incorporate healthy habits that set you up for long-term SUCCESS.    
’d love to have you join us! 


Get guidance, support, accountability,
motivation & inspiration!
 from a Certified Health Coach (that would be me!) 
Focussing on simple, key transformational strategies that WILL make a difference

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Plus lots of Fun,
Motivation & Community Support

 from like minded 
people in our 
PRIVATE Facebook group,
where you can support, motivate, keep accountable, learn & grow together 

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Recipes & Easy-to-follow, Sustainable Advice & Practical Tips

The most delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes:
-  for breakfast, lunch, dinner
- ‘Sensational Smoothies & Juices’ 

Grocery Shopping Guide
to help you easily navigate healthy food choices at the shop

Templates & worksheets  to make tracking & planning  easy!

PLUS..... You’ll get THESE BONUSES for FREE:

*** Great PRIZES for the most involved and inspiring member    
*** FREE 5 Day Pass to Melville Goodlife Gym
*** Free initial Consult - limited appointments available      

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