Have More Energy, Less Cravings and Feel Brand New from inside out 

with the

Reset Rejuvenate Renew

  • Give your liver a well deserved REST, supplying nutrients to help repair 
  • Give your gut a well deserved RESTORE, returning and nourishing the good bacteria that are so vital to your health and wellbeing 
  • RESET your sugar and insulin levels by eliminating sugar, processed carbs, 
  • REDUCE your body's toxic burden by eating clean, organic food and excluding processed meats & packaged foods containing additives & preservatives 
  • Get an idea what foods are making you feel unwell by eliminating the most common foods that cause intolerances and sensitivities: gluten, soy and dairy. 
  • REVITALISE your precious body - it deserves it!

What can this Cleanse do for you? 

This 10 day FreshStart is specifically designed for a gentle cleanse that will leave you will feel amazingly revitalised without starving yourself or doing any weird stuff... well maybe a little weird stuff ;)

This is not just a week of feel good hype that has you returning to all your old habits once finished - I don’t just hand you a meal plan and let you go. 

I want you to take away some tips and inspiration for continued healthier living that you love and come away with a new outlook on healthy lifestyle to inspire you to look after your precious body and love it to "Health" a little more each day.  

Although weight loss isn’t the primary goal of this Program, most of my detoxers also lose some weight... just because they are eating healthy (the best way to lose weight permanently!).  

The 10 Day Fresh Start includes:

  • 10 Day meal plan & shopping list for time saving simplicity
  • Delicious, healthy recipes for meals, snacks, smoothies & juices
  • Plenty of options & flexibility with an allowed food list for those who don't like rigid meal plans  
  • 2 x 40 min personal consultations to talk through your health goals & concerns
  • Daily emails with tips, support & resources for your cleanse & ongoing healthy living
  • Access to Private Facebook Group to provide support & connection with other members of the cleanse
  • Exceptional personal support for any queries via FB Group or email
  • Selected supplements to enhance detox results & support your body while it's cleansing

The First Group Spring Cleanse starts on the 3rd Sept .............. ..........- Enrolment date cut off is 24th August ......- Limited spaces available 


This Program is also available to do any time at your convenience (up to 2 week's notice required for prestart emails & delivery of supplements) 

Hi, I'm Lyndall, certified Health Coach and your host for the 10-Day Freshstart.  

I love doing these Programs!!! I'm not the "rah rah" type, but I do get results, and it's wonderful to see/hear the results and know I've helped someone on the road to better health.... so rewarding! 

I actually start off the emails one week prior, giving you plenty of info and instructions so you start your cleanse so well prepared for success. 

The Facebook group is the place where most things happen, lots of chatter, queries, photos. I'm there every step of the way! 


"Just want to say a huge thank you for your support this week Lyndall 😊 I have learnt lots, lost 1.6 kg and got rid of 9cm off my tummy! Very happy and feeling great x" Leasia 2017

"..all went really well... best detox I've ever done! And lots of super tips that I am definitely carrying on with xxx" Nikki

"BIG SHOUT OUT TO Lyndall! Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn and grow on this detox. I have learnt how to make my food healthier and to read labels and make heather decisions. I have already done another meal plan for the next week, wouldn’t want to spoil it now! The food was pleasant to eat and make. I never had a hard moment. Lyndall was always there to give (and receive) advise. I will be keeping this up. It is now a way of life. Experts say it takes 21 days to get into a routine... I plan to go longer. All the best for future Detoxes Lyndall, I will be coming back for more xx" Amanda 2017

"Thank you Lyndall for a real chance of living healthy. The recipes were easy and the ones I did were delish and will definitely find a place in my reportire. I feel great with very little pain and a 2 kilo weight loss.... All in all it was an excellent experience with little or no side effects. Thanks again and well done". Michelle 2017

The 7 day detox was really great for me. I got rid of 3 kg and has put me on a great eating plan and I loved the recipes. Margy (Detox 2017)

"Lyndall is a most caring person with an incredible depth of knowledge on all matters related to health. She combines this with a truly personalised approach to help you through the process. Getting healthy is a great ideal but putting it into practice can be a far harder thing. With Lyndall on your side with encouragement, helpful tips and her never ending recipes, it really makes it so easy. Thanks Lyndall, you are a great inspiration.” Ian 2016

“Lyndall was magnificent throughout the detox! She never failed to provide me with ample support and information, explaining thoroughly the importance of a detox and any side effects I may have, before they kicked in. This left me with no surprises and most importantly, I felt I could approach Lyndall anytime with any questions which came to mind, as she was so approachable and genuinely interested in my wellbeing. Since doing the detox twice, friends and family have not stopped commenting on how good I am looking after losing a bit of puppy fat! I am feeling the greatest I have in years and several family members even say I look my best ever! Thank you Lyndall!” Ashleigh 2016

This is a must-do DETOX. I felt fantastic during & after the DETOX. Energy levels were up & felt light & alert throughout. Get on it! Alvin 2016

Here's examples of foods you will be eating - but don't stress, you have the option of choosing from a simple food list if cooking is not your thing

includes postage (within Aus) 

About you Liver

Our liver is ground zero for detoxification in the body and works continually to detoxify us from toxins we’re exposed to every day such as pesticide and herbicide residue on our food, preservatives & additives in packaged food, chemicals in the air, water, in everyday food packaging, cleaners, chemicals coming from carpet, paint etc, personal hygeine & skincare products, and of course pharmaceuticals. Its job is to take those toxins, render them harmless and then get them out of our body. 

On top of all or these duties, your liver has to process our alcohol consumption. It turns alcohol into a toxic enzyme called acetaldehyde (this is what gives you that terrible headache) which can damage liver cells & cause permanent liver scarring.

The liver is also the body’s main fat-burning organ, critical for carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism; it processes your hormones, makes triglycerides and makes cholesterol. It is an amazingly hard working organ!

The liver performs its job of detoxification in two phases: the first is to make toxins more soluble in water so they can be more easily moved from the body. The second combines the toxins with other substances which can then be excreted into bile and out of our body. 

That’s a huge job, and the liver does this 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (no public holiday, sick days or leave!). Don’t you think it could do with a little rest and renewal? 

That’s why I offer my Group Freshstart twice a year, and why I strongly advocate adding the supplements. Given the importance of detoxification to your health (and to your weight) this is a way of to giving your liver a big hug, saying "sorry for treating you so badly and thanks for all you do".